Are you wondering why?

Primarily because the FOCASEIKI PM-1160 maintains both mechanical rigidity and precision during machining, even at high speeds and for long periods.

From a manufacturing point of view, the quality of the materials and components give the machine a high affidibility in terms of results. In addition, the machine’s special structure made of Meehanite cast iron increases its resistance to distortion and absorption of cutting forces.

Its over-dimensioned, digital, AC Brushless motor-driven axial mount guarantees considerable thrust during acceleration/deceleration.

But the real feather in this machine’s cap is its spindle structure, which allows a better surface finish and greater thermal stability thanks to its internal system made from a monolithic Meehanitea cast iron casting. Even when travelling at its maximum belt drive of 10,000 RPM, the spindle does not vibrate, which enables a competitive and efficient performance. What’s more, the spindle cartridge has a special labyrinth to soffio the air to prevent the introduction of chips and coolant. This brings us to another important feature of the machine: the coolant system is realised through the high-pressure spindle line (CTS), which benefits deep drilling that is unaffected.

We have chosen the ideal machine to accompany vertical machining and affianchor companies in the production of industrial pump bodies for injection, carpentry machining, welding electrode moulds, steam barriers and cast iron, bronze and stainless steel machining. At R.S. Lavorazioni Meccaniche, we have chosen to work with FOCASEIKI PM-1160 because we want to offer you high-tech machinery that allows us to realise the best solution for your specific needs.

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