The CNC machine tool is the most advanced and high-performance expression of the traditional lathe, but let’s find out more.

The CNC lathe has revolutionised metalworking since its invention back in the 1950s. Using computerised automation, it programmes and executes highly complex workpieces while maintaining a high level of precision. Working with this type of machine means making a technological and professional evolution that combines simplicity, precision and achieves high standards. With this type of machine it is also possible to execute sustained batches with a shorter cycle time, to the advantage of greater production efficiency.

At R.S. Lavorazioni Meccaniche, we have chosen the ‘BRAVO AVM’ and the ‘GOODWAY GA-3300’ for CNC turning operations. Their automated facilities allow us to precisely control the cutting and machining positions. Two highly professional and extremely heavy machines, capable of flexible machining depending on the workpiece material and/or the desired shape. The structure of these machines reduces both friction and vibration, supporting well-defined systematic positioning.

Drive shafts, toothed wheels, centrifuge hubs, bushings, rods: these are just some of the products that the Bravo AVM allows us to produce. With the GOODWAY GA-3300, on the other hand, we produce pistons, tube bundle cylinders and clamp fittings to drawing.

At R.S. Lavorazioni Meccaniche we produce sample parts in bronze, steel-inox, iron, cast iron and plastics, and develop prototyping and components for vacuum systems. Contact us, and we will find the best solution for you!

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